Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 National Grip Championships Part 3: More 2HP

Here are some videos of Adam Glass and myself on the two hand pinch deadlift at the 2011 National Grip Championships.  Adam went 242#110 KILOS and some change to take the number 9 spot in the world on the 2HP list.  I hit 215# and just missed 220#.  It was a 3# PR for me and it eradicated the monkey on back since my last contest where I pinched a dismal 185#.

Here's Adam taking the #9 spot on the worldwide 2HP Deadlift list and dominating it!

Here's my 220#/100 KILOS attempt

Here is my sucessful pull with 215#.  This should(?) move me to the #30 spot on the Top 50 2 Hand Pinch list.  This is a worldwide list and is the most popular lift in grip, so I'm fairly happy with it.

Here's a few of my buddy Austin Acree from Moline, IL.  He really guts it out and nails his last attempt. That is HARD to do with a few misses under your belt.  You start to doubt yourself, which changes your position and on the most technical lift in grip you don't want to be switching things up on the go.

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