Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diesel Crew Grip Challenge: The Plate Curl

Every week Jedd Johnson over at Diesel Crew ( puts out a grip challenge on video. People film themselves doing the challenge and whoever does it the best (most reps, highest weight, etc..) wins a prize.  It's a great way to promote Grip and for those of us that thrive on competition, it allows you add that octane booster to your training without traveling or having to be lucky enough to have some Grip training partners. 

This week Jedd threw out the plate curl. I won't attempt to describe it; just watch the video. This is probably the best wrist exercise you've never heard of. The first time I'd heard of this exercise was in Mastery of Handstrength by John Brookfield. I tried it and have been hooked ever since. I actually prefer the plate wrist curl but they're both greath.  When I used to pass trays at St. Luke's hospital I got quite a kick out of gripping a tray on the short side and just handing it to somebody with one hand and watching them get flustered.  They would instinctively grab it with one not paying attention and immediately realize that was a bad idea.   As a point of reference, a 25# plate is hard for most people, a 35# stops all but the strongest guys, and Adam Glass, owner of The Movement Minneapolis, is the only one I've ever seen do a 45# with strict form. Make no mistake a plate swing does not count!  It's called a plate curl!  Enough talk; enjoy the video!