Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Evening with the Ruger Mark III

I managed to squeeze in a quick 100 rds before we ran out of daylight last night.  The Mark III continues to be flawless and we're at 700 now without a single misfeed, jam, etc..  I'll keep the tally up and see how far we can take it.  I've cleaned it twice which consisted of 3-4 passes with the bore snake and oiling it.

Here's 10 rounds at 25 feet. Some nice groups of 3 but I had four get out on me.

Here's 18 rounds at 25 feet. I thought it was 20 but then realized at the end of the night I had two left, validating my thought that it was a quick mag. Looks like three went awry.

Here's 50 rounds at 25 feet. I'm getting better but it's a process.

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