Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grease the Groove

Tonight I wanted to do some "grease the groove" training on the 20 mm block set grippers.  This will be an event at the North American National Grip Championships in OH, on July 16th.  I've been training table no-set only after speaking with Nick Zinna at the KC Grip Qualifer II a couple months ago but I know I need to get used to the 20mm block stuff again.  "Grease the groove" is just slang for maximizing your CNS recruitment.  The more neurons and thus motor units you can recruit, the more fibers you can fire, and thus the better the performance.  This is one of the reasons beginning weightlifters see such huge improvements around the 6-8 week mark. All of sudden they can fire a greater percentage of their fibers because of the improved neural abilities.  Longstory-short, I want my 20 mm block set motor units back for the 16th!  Enjoy the video.

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