Sunday, July 3, 2011

Josh Dale's 325lb 1 finger lift

This was a 325# One Finger Dead Lift I did after the 2008 Michigan Grip Championships in the legendary Larkin's Gym.  I'll address some FAQ below.

That doesn't look like 325# to me!
-Those are 25# plates. I wear a size 12 shoe as a point of reference
-That's a custom rig, not a standard Wal-Mart db

Isn't this lift dangerous?
-Less dangerous than a lap dance from a Taipan but more dangerous than leaving your rap music turned up at the intersection
-Seriously, the lift is dangerous because it's easy to snap your finger tendon(s) with that much weight.  More specifically, 325# really doesn't hurt anymore than 170# (for me). You see once you overcome the mental aspect, it all hurts the same.  Don Larkin told me to imagine I was pulling a suction cup up off of the floor; go slow and keep pulling.  This is exactly what I did and like I said, it all felt the same past 170# for me.  This kicker is 325# is much more likely to injure me than 170#, about twice as likely to be exact.
-I DO NOT recommend doing or training this lift.  I only did because it was one of Don's favorites and I did it to honor him. If it was at any other grip contest, I'd have just skipped it/taken a token lift.

Is that a carabiner around your finger?
-NO, you could use either a J-hook or a padded ring at this contest.  I chose the ring and I trained with  a carabiner padded with some tape.  The ring is MUCH easier than a carabiner or at least the one I trained with.  I was topping out around 170# for multiple singles at home.

Did it hurt?
-Yes, there was the pain during the lift but afterwards my finger hurt for a few days.  It was not injured but definitely sore for a few.  I believe if I would have gone much higher I would have injured myself.

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  1. Still one of the most impressive finger lifts I've ever seen Josh!