Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Road to the 2011 90kg Missouri State Arm Wrestling Title: 7-25-11

Day 2 on the road to the title.

What went in

-EAS Myoplex and 1 liter of water
-2 double strength fish oil caps, 2000 IU Vit D, 1 MVI

12 noon:
- 2 chicken breasts with Jerk seasoning/sauce
-170 cals worth of mini cookies from the Quill cookie tin (Thanks Quill!)

Preworkout Snack: 5:40ish
-EAS Myoplex

Post-Workout: 9:00ish
2 EAS Myoplex shakes
Liter of water
2 double strength fish oil caps and 2000 IU of Vit D

-EAS Myoplex shake


-Ivanko Super Gripper: all reps no-set: LH: 1,10:x12x12  RH: 1,12: x12x12
-2 Hand Pinch Deadlift: 169#x5 then regrip 4 then regrip then 3 (one set) 9 then regrip then 4
-Appollon's Axle Thumbless Reverse Curls: 53# x 10 x 2 sets

Modified version of the Diesel Crew Shoulder prehab circuit. See video below if you want to bulletproof your shoulders or you can not watch it and continue to get injured and whine about why you can't bench.

-Gravitron One arm pull-up training: 100# of deload: R: 9,7 L: 10,8 finished with holds to failure at lockout.  Think it's safe to say I'm still plenty sore from practice LOL

-Rear delt flys on machine: 40#x12, 110#x12,12,8

-Low incline, neutral grip, DB benchpress with the fat gripz  These things freakin' rock!  There is no excuse to not have a pair of these in your gym bag!  Anyhoo, I went: 40#x12, 60#x9,8,6

-Trap bar shrugs with the fat gripz: 90#x20, 180#x12,10,10 then stripped the fat gripz off and did another 12. Weights do not include the bar. I have no idea what it weighs.

-neck bridges: to the rear: 1 min in bridge, 25# plate pullovers x 12; to the front: bw reps: 12, 12


One of the trainers approached me and they're doing a lift-a-thon for charity on 8-13.  It will be bench and deadlift.  I probably haven't done either in almost 2 years but I couldn't turn down a chance to lift weights competitively and especially since it's in my backyard and for a good cause.  I'm hoping to still be able to pop a 300# bench press and pull 405# on the deadlfit. 

We got to talking and he really wants to get more things for those interested in strength at the Y.  He said he's going to get some platforms and hopes to hold several lift-a-thons throughout the year.  I had my Grip Nats shirt on and since we now have a RECOGNIZABLE, BRANDED, logo (THANK YOU JEDD JOHNSON!!!) he immediately asked what it was.  I gave him the spiel and he was excited about it.  He wants to incorporate some grip lifts into upcoming lift-a-thons.  This could be great!  This is a huge Y, in upper-middleclass area, so it has some potential to really draw some new faces into grip.  I'm thinking I'll bring a blob and maybe a RT with 185# on it and if they can lift either they get a free assessment with the trainer (just have to talk him into it but I'd think he'd like it as it's an easy sales call and that job is a lot of sales). We'd charge them a dollar to try and the money would go to the same charity that the lift-a-thon is for.  Ideally, we could hold a qualifier there.  I'm pretty excited, this trainer seems to have a strength background and wants to do some cool stuff.

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