Sunday, July 3, 2011

This way to Funtown>>>>>

Welcome to my blog! 

Who am I?
-A Registered Dietitian specializing in HIV/AIDs and Cancer
-An aspiring arm wrestler who's gunning for a Unified National Title in the 90kg category by 2014
-An avid "gripster"
-Competitive to a fault
-A smartass of the David Spade calibre

What can you expect?
-Evidenced based nutrition information
-Details from arm wrestling and grip practices/workouts
-Plenty of pro-gun talk. If you're a gunophobe; proceed elsewhere.
-Sarcastic rants on everything from traffic to politics

Coming soon!
-Pics and vids: there will be plenty as soon as I get to a workstation I can upload from.  Most will be based on grip and arm wrestling
-Workout logs: After Grip Nationals on 7-16-11, I will move my workouts over here for the Missouri State Arm Wrestling Championships in September.
-As time permits, I will start taping some workouts to get some sort of VLOG going.

Requests of you
-If you enjoy this blog, please tell your friends about it
-If you have suggestions for improving this blog, please tell me about it


  1. I'll be following this for sure Josh. I look forward to seeing your training plus the firearms sugar topping :-D

  2. Definitely following this blog Josh. Glad to see you finally started one!