Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lift-a-thons, Concept 2 rowers, Bahston, oh my!!

Well I'm back from the Association of Nutrition Service Agencies conference in Bahston and it was a blast.  I ate big and enjoyed myself but it's time to refocus on getting back to 90kg for the Missouri State Arm Wrestling Championships.


what went in

8:30: 2 EAS Myoplex Shakes, 1 liter of water

throughout the lift-a-thon: 3 diet monster energy drinks; they were free and only 20 cals/can

2:30ish/post-lift-a-thon: 2 EAS Myoplex shakes

6pm: 2 Mcdoubles: ditched 2 of the buns/doubled the meat. Should be 800 cals
Cold Stone Creamery: "Gotta Have It" Mudpie Mojo


So the YMCA was doing this charity lift-a-thon and even though I don't bench or deadlift I couldn't resist the urge to lift weights competitively in my own backyard, not to mention it was for a good cause. I benched 300# and pulled 415#.  I was VERY pleased to see I could still pop 300# and pull over 400#.  I don't train either and probably haven't done a legit flat bench barbell workout in 2 years or more.  I did notice a big drop in my deadlift, especially at the beginning.   I think when I was doing squats I was around a 450# DL but again, we're talking 2 years. 

There was one kid there that was brutally strong on bench.  He said he weighed 215#; I'd guess closer to 230# but he blasted 385# and just missed 405# BUT before you start laughing at me, his feet were up on the freaking pegs!  He also appeared to be falling off the bench and he didn't use any shoulder blade tuck, arch, etc..  He just plopped down and did it.

Hit some C2 rower after the contest: did 20 min with a 2:06.9/500m average

Concept 2 Rower aka The Erg aka Humperdink's Life Sucking Machine

Those who have used a C2 rower know how brutal they are but you either quit using them or it quickly becomes a love-hate relationship.  One of my goals for 2011 was to have a sub-7 min 2000m. Well, apparently that was a bit Polly Annish. I had the opportunity to speak with Micah Hartwell this past week at the ANSA conference.  He's a national medalist, rowed for Oklahoma University, and was competing at the World Trials in 09.  So here is what he prescribed for someone around 205-210# and currently around around 7:40ish on the 2000m and seeking a sub-7 time.

1. 2 distance pieces a week; distance defined as 45min-1 hour
2. Damper at 6.5
3. 500m average of 2:04-2:06 for one hour piece
4. Stroke rate of 24-26

When doing a 2000 meter piece and currently at the 7:40ish level and training a sub-7 time
1. Blast the first 10 strokes; it's just glycogen depletion and it "free energy"
2. At this point you're "settled in" and strive for a 1:52-1:56 split
3. Beware of the walls at 1200m and 1600 m.

Some Micah Highlights/Motivation
When doing just 500m for speed he's done 1:17
3.07 1000m
When doing 1 hour pieces he averages a 1:56 split on the 500m


  1. That C2 info is interesting - my son has mine but I plan to get it back for the winter and use it for my conditioning again after Gripmas.