Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Peoples' Dietitian teams up with The Peoples' Meathead

Matt Brouse, a fellow gripster, Facebook comedian, and dog lover, has started a new blog called The Peoples' Meathead.  Matt is a trainer, a real trainer, not some Jersey Shore wannabe that certed last weekend and is dying to show you his secret ab exercise; he's the real deal.  Please check out his blog for legitimate, in-the-trenches, exercise information.

Prior to him throwing his blog up I was considering writing a post on motivation to exercise.  Matt touched on this in a couple of his posts but I think I can contribute a little more. People think I love to work out.  In fact, throughout my many years of employment, I often have co-workers volunteer me for anything involving lifting and when they present me with the task you'd think they're handing me the keys to a new Saleen S7; they're so proud of themselves.  The truth is, I'd rather watch a good movie than head off to the gym any day.  What I love and I do mean love, is getting stronger or more specifically, I love getting stronger than you.  I'm competitive to a fault and I thoroughly enjoy trying to kick your ass at every single there is but strength..oh strength...I've been obsessed with it since I was 14 y/o and started lifting.  The endless pursuit of strength is what keeps me headed to the gym. If God rang me up and said, "you'll never get a drop stronger" I'd probably stop working out immediately and take up a new hobby to try and separate myself from the average man.

If you don't care about strength; there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Find something you do care about though and get after it.  Don't try to lose 20# because you think your jeans might look better; lose 20# because then you'd be able to dunk a ball again like you did 5 years ago.  Think about what it will take to dunk again; plyo work, plenty of squats, flexibility drills.  Guess what; by the time you create and execute this program you might find you lost your 20# without every touching the treadmill and you had a blast doing it because you were chasing a goal that got YOU excited...oh yeah and you can now throw it down again!  Leave me some comments and tell me what your performance goals are and what "side-effects" you might see as a result.  If you want to hear more about performance or fitness goals and the idea of activity vs. achievement;head over to Matt's blog

Looking forward to the comments!



  1. My goal is to be stronger than you are Josh :)

  2. Chris the idea is for you to list a goal not a current accomplishment :)