Friday, August 5, 2011

The Road to the 2011 90kg Missouri State Arm Wrestling Title: 8-4-11

What went in

7am: EAS Myoplex shake, 1 liter of water, 1 MVI, 2 double strength fish oil caps, 2000 IU Vit D, 1 Cherry Coke Zero

12 noon: large bowl of chorizo, 1 large green salad with 1oz of cheese and 1/2 ladle of poppy seed dressing

pre-training meal: 1 EAS Myoplex shake

post-training meal: 2 EAS Myoplex shakes, 1 liter of water, 2 double strength fish oil caps, 2000 IU of Vit D


AW practice: in addition to the usual pulling we did some drills where my partner tried to hook and I just tried to stay out of the hook with just wrist and static back  pressure


We tried a new exercise tonight after watch James Retarides perform it in this video 

We did ours with an old 1 hand metal pinch block.  We just ran rope through the middle (it's hollow) which makes it pretty unstable.  If you start to crimp grip it, it will spin out on you. I went 70#x12, 95#x12, 105#x12 with both hands.  I'd like to get up to BW on this eventually.

-Rolling Thunder wrist curls from a high cable on the AW table to simulate sucking someone in on a hook
-Straight arm pressdowns: 70#x12x9x6x8x4
-Killed a #3 on an impromptu challenge from my partners brother which then got me pumped to do some grippers so I super-setted the pulldowns with grippers: TNS reps: HG250x14x10x9
-front lever holds on a 2" thick by 4' long dowel rod with 3# on the end: multiple sets to failure
-wrist rotations for high reps
-Overcrushed a #3 to failure; didn't time it but I'd guess an easy 20 secs.


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