Monday, August 29, 2011

The Road to the 2011 90kg Missouri State Arm Wrestling Title: 8-29

Well, my waist size keeps dropping and it looks like my weight finally is a bit too.  I was 207 today at work and closer to 206 at the end of the day when I rolled into the Y locker room.

What went in

B: 1 EAS Myoplex shake, 1 L of water, 1 diet dew, 2 double strength fish oil caps, 1 MVI

L: 2 servings of tilapia with verde salsa, a small green salad with a pinch of dressing, and peach cobbler with a half scoop of butter pecan

D/post-workout: 1/2 medium sausage pizza from Dominos, 1 EAS Myoplex shake, 1.5 L of water, 2 double strength fish oil caps, 2000 IU Vit D


3-4 rotator cuff prehab exercises with light weight, just to get warmed up.  I usually go Rocky IV on the rotator cuff prehab but I found it was taking away from my other lifts.

Gravitron one arm pull-up training: R: 100# deload x 12, 88# deloadx9x7x5  L: did 100#x12 and my elbow was smarting so I shut that down

Diesel Crew shoulder prehab protocol done hot n' heavy

Hang cleans with the fat gripz 135#x5, 145#x4x4x5

neutral grip incline db bench press with the fat gripz : nope, did one set and it was tweaking my left elbow so it was off to next ride

Thought I heard Master Chief say "..might as well crank it up right now!" since I didn't see Demi, I decided to throw in a KB snatch for reps, mid-workout!  The heaviest they have is a 12kg so I did 100 reps in 4 min.  I felt my low back getting fatigued and have temporarily paralyzed myself with KBs enough times to know when my form is getting softer than the broccoli at the retirement home, so I ended the fun, much to the chagrin of my lungs.

rear delt flys: the heavier weights seem to bother my elbow so I went for reps and a "skin splitting pump!"

lateral db flys: 15#x20x20x20 "brah you could hang your Hurley hat on these caps!"

seated row holds with the fat gripz : RH: 60#x15s, 120#x5s, 110#x10s, x 10s  LH: 60#x15s, 110#x7s, 110#x5s

Gym Shenanigans

I've heard the phrase "it depends what pond you swim in" many times and that's my best explaination for two incidents tonight.  The first occurred while I was doing the hang cleans. This guy, who upon visual assessment had 2 visual risk factors for CHD, walks up to me and quizzically asks me if that's some sort of "half clean".  My knee jerk reaction was to ask him if that was some sort of half haircut since it appeared the fade portion had been put on layaway.  However, I remembered the advice of the best cooler in the business and made the committment to "be nice".  I explained the lift to him and was frankly in amazement that he didn't ask about the bright blue fat gripz on the bar.  Well he turned out to be rather harmless and I really felt like he was beyond helping when he said he liked doing explosive lifts like deadlift.  If the Y trainer can't capitalize on that one then maybe he should try welding school.

While getting all Drago on the KB, I viewed some people watching me in my peripherals and hear "yeah Josh is a beast".  Andrew Durniat did something like a 28kg or a 32kg for 200 reps in 10 min.  I was doing a 12kg for a measly 100 reps in 4 min.  I just smiled and thought of one of my favorite scenes in Joe Dirt where Sir Joseph Deertay asks the young lad if Jamie Pressley is his girlfriend and he says "mister you'd shit yourself if you saw my girlfriend"..not that Andrew in anyway resembles the incomparable Jamie Pressley but you get the idea..

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