Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tru02: Oxygen Enriched Air: Magic Bullet or Metric Crescent Wrench?

The Road to the 2011 90kg Missouri State Arm Wrestling Title: 8-3-11

What went in

7am: 1 EAS Myoplex shake, 1 liter of water, 1 diet dew, 2 double strength fish oil caps, 2000 IU Vit D, 1 MVI

12 noon: l large bowl of beef chili, large green salad with 1oz of cheese and 3/4 ladle of poppy seed dressing

7pm: 2 EAS Myoplex shakes, 1 liter of water


500m on the C2 rower in 1:49

ISG: all reps no set
RH: 9,7x11,10
LH: 9,4x12,12

500m on the C2 rowr in 1:49

2 Hand Pinch Deadlift
*horrible tonight, just felt slick

169# several sets of doubles and triples and not by choice
-finally got one to stick and got 5 reps and then regripped through three more sets to get 12
-after the first good set mentioned above I hit 4 and  it felt glued to my hand and then just came right out so I regripped through a few more and end up with 15 total reps for the set

1000m on the C2 in 4:00
Ok, so normally after rowing I flop down on the floor hitting poses that would make most Crossfitters' socks turn green with envy but tonight I thought I'd exhaust myself on the beast and try out  a new product I was given at the National Grip Championships last month.  One of the sponsors was Tom McCarty who gave each competitor a canister of "Tru02 Oxygen Enriched Air".  Insert joke here; I have to admit I was skeptical to say the least and I think more than one person reading this will probably say "isn't that stuff free?".  Those of you that know me know I'm not afraid to speak my mind but I'll tell you that as soon as I got off the rower I gave myself 4 puffs of this stuff and I had almost completely caught my breath!!!  Usually I just lay there, looking pathetic, leaving sweat stains on the floor, and waiting for Mick to appear and tell me "get up you sonfabitch cuz Mickey luvs ya!" but not tonight; 4 puffs and I'm off to the  This is not an exaggeration, I don't make a dime off of this stuff, and I really don't care if you buy it or not but I can tell you that if I was an MMA fighter or a boxer or somebody who needed to catch my breath quick and more importantly, catching my breath would allow me to crush my competition while they're still sucking air, I'd be ordering this stuff ASAP.  Here's the link if you're interested

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