Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 MO State Arm Wrestling Championships!

September has not been a good month for training.  I had strep on 9-5, finished the antibiotics on 9-15, and started new antibiotics for sinus infection on 9-20 and I'm pretty sure I woke up with pink eye today.  Regardless, I'd been cutting weight and training for months and I would not be denied.

Here's my first match with John Grant out of MN.  I injured my shoulder this very first match and had to withdraw.  After all I'd went through just to pull today, I was not happy to say the least and was beyond fired up when we got to the left handed division

Here's my first match lefty.

My boys Julio and John did really well and so did Matt but we must have missed Matt's matches.  Here's Julio's first tournament victory EVER!!!! Yeah!! The guy he's pulling is Austin Acree, another grip bud of mine and one heck of a nice guy.

Here's John being John and doing his favorite move...the Defensive Hook. I think this stems from the way we train with me being handicapped with a bunch of bands and him holding me and let them kick in and then hitting me when I wear out. John is tough in that D-hook

This is Ryan Clark and Eric Brown.  Ryan has placed as high as 4th in WAF and regularly gets invited to big money events like the UAL and Arm Wars series that's held overseas.  Eric is just a freak of nature.  He won the national title at 100kg in 2009 on 3 days notice; decided he was going on Wednesday, cut 20+#, and pulled on Saturday.  The guy he beat...Dave Chaffee, also known as the 2010 110kg WAF Champ.  Eric tore his arm up in 2009 and hasn't been on the table since.  He was just going to coach his friend but couldn't resist the urge to pull when he got there...oh and he worked out for 3 hours prior to coming because he wasn't going to pull but like Eric says "no excuses!".  I hope this loss is what he needed to get him back into it. 

This is Ryan Clark and Steven Green.  As I've already said, Ryan is an elite puller.  Steven is right there as well. He has tremendous side pressure, a great hand, and he benches 445#, probably a result of his volleyball size delts.  There was A LOT of horsepower on the table for this match. In the overalls, they actually broke the table/set-up as the table came unbolted/ripped through the plywood!!

Here's Josh Handeland and John Klaus.  Josh took 2nd at Nats this year in 154# and his hook is no joke.  His endurance is insane and he beat me several times lefty afterwards in the King of the Table format.

Here's the 90kg, LH finals with Stuart and myself.  I missed the go again but my hand was feeling really good and I was able to just clamp and bring him back. Stuart was looking strong yesterday and I knew I'd have my hands full.

Overall, it was a blast and thanks to Paul and Sheri for taping it!  Looks like we're going to get some big practices together here in a couple of weeks and I know working my go's will be my first priority. 2011 LH, 90kg, MO State Champ PTL!


  1. Not sure why the annotations aren't working on the videos here on the blog. They are working on my youtube page??

  2. Great work Josh! Sorry to hear about your shoulder though man! That sucks and I hope you heal quickly. Wish I could've seen you pull in person and cheered you on.

    Ben Edwards

  3. Thanks for the compliments, nice vids!

    - Handelnd