Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Peoples' Dietitian's Lentil Soup

I've tweaked the Lentil Soup recipe from the Hunger Challenge and this is freaking amazing. 

2 16oz bags of lentils
12 cups of water
1 jar of RS Wylers chicken broth cubes
2 yellow onions: chopped
1 bag of carrots: sliced into coins
2 links of turkey polish sausage
2 hamhocks for flavor
Get liberal with the cinnamon shaker
Bring to a boil until lentils get softish, then cook on low until desired texture/flavor is reached

Loaded with fiber: check!
Loaded with protein: check!
Cheap: check!
Easy to make: check!
-Guess that means there is no room for your excuses not to try it.

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