Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rob Vigeant 100# DB Strict Curl Challenge

Rob Vigeant Jr is an elite 220#/100kg arm wrestler, was the top grip guy at one time, and can do all-around just alien things like pinch grip pull ups off of the rafters and  one arm pull ups holding weight.  More importantly, he does these feats while weighing over 200#. In other words, he's pulling off gymnast stuff but doesn't weigh a buck-forty.

So a couple of years ago he suggested that there wasn't a man in the world that could strictly curl 100# dumbell and had 100 bucks waiting for whoever could. His money has been safe for years, nobody has even been close, and his video below is still the one to beat IMO.

The Standard

When he first suggested the challenge I thought he was crazy and that someone would take his money shortly.  I was wrong.  Increasing your STRICT db curl even 5# is TOUGH.  Most strong guys will be in the 70s and will think they could hit 100# with a little training.  Uh huh..and if you could hit 2.5/10 pitches from a major league pitcher you'd be millionaire. 

Let me be clear: I want you send me videos of your attempts.  I don't care about what you think you can do or what somebody you know can do or what you used to be able to do.  If you don't supply a video you're a troll.  I'm going to let Rob know and hopefully he'll stop by and leave some comments and judge them.

The Peoples' Dietitian Storms Curlville

314 Armsports' 154# Puller Steps Up to the Challenge

First Entry!

I say it's GOOD! Rob has the final say on all vids but it looked like it met the criteria to me. I couldn't find it on youtube to link the still like the other vids but the link works.

Here's the Head Diesel, Jedd Johnson, making a 75# look easier than a honkey tonk special (video 2)
Video 1

Video 2
The above video wouldn't pull in the Youtube search hence the link vs. the still

Starting Curl War III With the Diesel Crew

Are there any 70kg pullers out there that can beat John or are you all too scared to post any vids? 

Here's the latest entry! Big Daddy Johnson attempting 75#

 Here's IncredibleHulkRobert living up to his moniker


In Summary

  1. Make your video
  2. Leave the link to your youtube video in the comment section and I'll post it.
  3. Let's see who's the strongest and if any of us can track down the Bigfoot of arm strength
Thanks for reading!



  1. Well Josh, tell me what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwp4nzIt3ZE

  2. Looks good man! I threw it up on the blog! Thanks for submitting it. I can't find it when I search youtube on the vid link option or I'd have put it up in the same format as the others.

  3. Nice curls guys! Derek, what are you weighing these days? Josh, you're still at 198lbs, right? Looking strong as hell man!

  4. I was 203# that night but yeah essentially 1 sauna trip away from 198#

  5. I couldn't resist trying this out.

    Here is my first attempt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCnfUQ0bcoc

    Here is my second attempt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7sEVPOyt_8

    Cool stuff. Thanks.


  6. Very strong Jedd! You made that look easy!

  7. http://youtu.be/8MmVgI4p0RQ

    Some back-bend, don't know if it disqualifies it...if so, there's a 57# one I can show.

    Not too shabby for 139 bw, eh?

  8. GRC: That was great curl. I thought the lean was borderline and could be judged either way but when you came up on the toes that was the final nail in the coffin for me. Like you said though, I've not seen anybody at 139# even close to that. Please post the 57# and assuming it's strict, we'll throw it up on the official ranking list. Thanks a ton for participating!

    1. At 140 lbs, i can curl a 75-80 lb dumbbell. I do 55 lbs for 10 reps, each hand. I`ll post a vid. I can hammer curl over 85 lbs completely strict....does hammers count, also?

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  10. Ah, I see, thanks for watching it though! I'll try to get that stricter next time!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNiAVmsXqtU&feature=youtube Here's the 57#. 3's on the outside and instead of 5's, so 4lb less, thus 57. If you'd like to scale and all too, I could do that if needed.