Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tis the season for sledge hammers

Every December my friend Chris Rice throws one of the largest Grip contests in the country hence the name Gripmas.  People drive/fly in from all over the country to this tiny little town in OH where they'll compete in building a contractor might call a workshop.  The building may look like a typical shop on the outside but on the inside you'll find Eleiko barbells and bumpers, the coolest lifting platform I've ever seen, a steel bending wall of fame, and more Grip toys than you can imagine.  In my mind Gripmas has four things that really separate it from other contests.  The first is that he uses grippers in chokers.  What this means is he hoseclamps them down to parallel so everybody starts from the same place, it's a place that is narrow enough that everybody can start from there, and it takes the skill out of it because you dont' have to set it. Second, Chris is the first promoter to have weight classes in a Grip contest, at least to my knowledge, and more importantly he picked his weight class based on a median so he really gets a nice 50/50 split most years.  Third, he always has the toughest medley.  John Beatty may have invented the idea of a Grip medley but Chris has perfected it.  Finally, Gripmas is the place to go to move up the world rankings on the 2 Hand Pinch list.  For whatever reason, come December in Crooksville, OH, Jedd's pinch set-up always feels amazing and records fall like rain.  Just in case you're interested, I've copied and pasted his entry form from the Gripboard below.

The real reason for this blog post was to see where I'm at as far as the sledge event for Gripmas. I'm still on the fence as far as whether or not I want to train this lift as it has my wrist doing exactly what I DON'T want it to do for arm wrestling purposes but like Chris said, a strong wrist is a strong wrist.  My right is also on the shelf for a while with that shoulder injury I got at MO States so this seems to be one of the few things I can do that doesn't bother it.  Anyway, here's my video.  I sunk down in the chair/stool to increase the ROM but when I exerted effort I accidentally raised back up so that's something I'll need to address.  Enjoy the vid and let me know what you think!  Hope to see you in OH!

2011 Gripmas Carol Entry
December 10th, 2011

Entry Fee is $40 – make check out to Chris Rice.
Entry Deadline is November 12 – Entry is $50 after that
Mail – WITH the entry form – to
Chris Rice
230 Burley St.
Crooksville, Ohio 43731
Contest held at same address

Grippers in chokers at parallel
2 Hand Pinch
Double Sledge Lever from a Dead Start – Max Weight
Hercules Hold for time

Please return this form and your check To Be In My Hands by Nov 12th – earlier if possible of course. I have to know early so I can make sure we have enough food, trophies, etc.

State & Zip Code:
Body Weight:
Classes: Elite – if you don’t know if you are in this class – believe me – you aren’t
Open – 208.0# and over or by choice regardless of weight
125]Light weight – 207.9# and under

Ladies – this is obvious I think – or hope anyway J

Anyone can choose to lift open class BEFORE the contest starts.

There will also be the normal – if I squeeze so hard my eyeballs pop out – I won’t sue form to sign when you get here.
Gripbash Scoring System
All weights weighed on certified scales for accuracy
Prizes of some kind for 1st thru 3rd Place in Each Division
Food and Drink furnished afterwards

Adam Glass, Andrew Duriant, and Jedd Johnson will be featured speakers. These guys are some of the very few people I listen to for training advice.


  1. As usual the annotations are screwed up on the blog. See my youtube page for the real deal.

  2. Josh - Thanks for the nice write up on Gripmas - I appreciate it. Train hard - looking forward to another good battle with you.