Thursday, December 15, 2011

Curl War III Continues!

We had a GREAT practice at 314Armsports tonight! My main training partner/camera man was able to get away from his job in the retail madness that is December and pull and my right is healed up! It was glorious to get back on the table after about 8 weeks.  We were both amped to pull tonight and the videos and practice did not disappoint!

As you may recall we've been promoting the Rob Vigeant Jr. 100# dumbell curl challenge and in the process have started Curl War III with The Diesel Crew. Napalm Jedd Johnson and myself are about the same age and we're both big wrestling fans so tonight I thought I'd  pay tribute to the Man as well as stick it to the Diesel Crew in this latest segment.

The Late and Great Mr. Perfect: RIP Sir

TPD Channeling Mr. Perfect

And last but not least...John Klaus just continues to get stronger and stronger at 70kg!

After practice we closed with a 10 minutes cycle of Escalating Density Training. It looked like this:
-Straight arm pulldowns on the high pulley with 70#: sets of 5 for 10 min
-2.5" Db curls with 35#: sets of 5 for 10 min

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