Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Who's Who of Curl War III

The purpose of this entry is to provide an organized list, including video, of who the strongest dumbell curlers in the World are.  I will do my best to update the list as frequently as possible. For now there are not enough entries to break it into LH and RH. Rob will have the final say on if a video is good or not. Please see my original post for the rules and the background on this event.

#1. Rob Vigeant Jr. 94-95# (unsure of which it is but since nobody is even close I'm not worried about it)

#2.  Josh Dale aka The Peoples' Dietitian at 80.2#

#3. Incredible Hulk Robert: 87# attemt was denied but his 79# here looks about perfect

#4. Napalm Jedd Johnson: 75#

#5. Wayne Does Work: 70#

#6: Derek Graybill: 58# 1oz

#7: John Klaus: 58#

#8. Arturo Garcia: 55#

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Peoples' Dietitian and Doom Head to the Range

My brother aka Doom and I got together on Friday to work off some of the turkey with some finger exercising and support grip. In otherwords, we went shooting.  One of the things we wanted look at was how the different hollow points we had would expand.  Doom brought up a bunch of random HPs that he was looking to get cycle out. The boxes had long been discarded and we only had a few of each rd.

The cartridges
  • 9mm Hornady Critical Defense
  • 45 ACP Winchester "lead jacketed" HP. We're referring to it as lead as the tip was black?
  • 45 ACP Hornady Critical Defense
  • 45 ACP +P Hornday
  • 45 ACP Winchester Jacketed HP
  • Federal and Remington bulk 22 HP
The Set-up
  • The first set-up was a junk laptop, folded in half, with a bucket of dry grout mix behind it
  • The second  set-up was a junk laptop, folded in half, with a bucket of wet grout mix behind it and the remaining grout mix (dry) in a bag behind it.  The second set-up was created because the Hornady +P went right through the first set-up
The Results

The line-up L-R:
  •  9mm Hornady Critical Defense: fired into the wet set-up.  Still think a 9mm won't put somebody down? The hole was originally bigger but I was trying to get my camera phone out as the whole filled itself in
  • 45 ACP Winchester "Lead Jacketed HP"; obviously copper but we're unclear what the black is, fired into the dry set-up
  •  45 ACP Hornady Critical Defense: fired into the dry set-up, the CLEAR winner!
  • 45 ACP Winchester JHP: The holy $hit!, "I can't believe that just happened!", OMG moment of the day came with this round. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes but we fired this into the dry set-up and it literally bounced off!  I went to check the hole and Jake sullenly goes "it's right there".  He walks up and picks the HP up off the ground a few feet from in front of the target.  The CLEAR loser!
  • 45 ACP +P Hornady: This went right through the first set up so we added water to the grout and put a bag of grout behind it.  Notice the mud/grout between the bucket and the bag! We didn't put that there! That was a result of the shot!

Now notice it doesn't follow the path of the bullet.  I have no idea how that happens.

And finally; here's a cheapo bulk pack 22 LR HP compared to the 9mm Hornady critical defense. Let's hear the "a 22 would just piss me off" jokes now

And here it is next to the monsterous winner of the 45 class; the Hornady Critical defense

Some thoughts

  • a 9mm HP is plenty
  • a 22 LR HP is no joke and it had the sharpest edges of all and expanded the most relative to size. This could have been because it barely made it through the laptop and didn't have a chance to get it's HP filled up and thus prevented from expanding
  • I'd like to see the 9mm Hornady Critical Defense fired into dry and the 45 ACP Hornady Critical Defense fired into wet.  I want to see of the 9mm would expand better in the dry and if the 45 would still expand that well into the wet.
  • The Winchester JHP is a straight joke. I still can't believe it harmlessly bounced off. It didn't even richochet. It was like I just tried to throw it through the jug.
  • The Hornady +P 45 ACP is a felony waiting to happen and falls into the 10mm Deathray category. I'd be scared to death to fire this unless I was defending my life in an open field. The overpenentration is out of control.  The wet could have stopped  the HP from expanding but the dry couldn't even stop it LOL.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Childhood Obesity: A Parenting Issue

I'm a member of the American Dietetic Association as well as an active participant on their Infectious Disease listserv/Infectious Disease Practice Group. The other day I started a firestorm when I suggested that childhood obesity was a parenting issue, not a food policy issue.  The impetus for the conversation was when one member posted a link to an article in the NY Times about whether or not pizza could be counted as a vegetable (1). I stated that although the idea of counting pizza as a vegetable was emotionally charged (and ridiculous) it really had very little impact on obesity.  Costs aside (and that's a big issue) if you add calories to a tray, even if it's in the form of nonstarchy vegetables, it does not induce weight loss. Replacing desserts with fruit would likely create a caloric drop but let's be honest; children are not becoming obese because of the standard school lunch tray.

A Parenting Issue

Cheap, calorically dense foods and sugar-laden drinks are the real issues but last I checked these were not free and who is it that buys these for the youth of today?
Excuse: Parents are pressured by kids because junk foods are marketed towards children.
Reality: You're the parent; act like one! When I was a child my mother had very little tolerance for me or my siblings "pressuring" her.  When my daughter "pressures" me it's called whining and there are consequences if it doesn't stop.

Excuse: Children are not exposed to enough fruits and vegetables at school and thus don't develop tastes for them but instead learn to like sweet, salty, fatty foods.
Reality: Parents are responsible for exposing their child to healthy foods at home.

Excuse: Assigning blame to parents for being uneducated about nutrition is offensive
Reality: Does anyone really believe that the parent that has a 200# 9 y/o really doesn't know that giving him dollar menu, chips, and soda all the time is harmful?

Excuse: Many parents don't have time to prepare healthy meals
Reality: Would they tell their boss they dont' have time to do their job?  It is their job to care for their child and that includes providing them with healthy meals. If preparing healthy meals for their children paid $100/meal, I would imagine many would miraculously figure out how to fit it into their schedule.

Excuse: I have to work 3 jobs and I can't control what my child eats when I'm not home
Reality: Unless the child has their own income the parent controls exactly what foods are in the home.  If the child is receiving unhealthy foods at the sitter then the parent needs to step in and make the sitter aware of their wishes.  If compliance is not met then the parent needs to find a new sitter.  If the sitter is a family member/sits for free; then the parent should needs to relay to the family member that this is for the good of the child.

Excuse:  I can't afford to buy healthy foods for my child.
Reality: Lentils, whole wheat pastas, canned vegetables, tuna, bagged apples, carrots, peanut butter, and oatmeal are just a few of the wholesome foods that can be attained cheaply and that's without even getting into the couponing conversation.

Excuse: I live in a food desert
Reality: While I admit it can be inconvenient, again, it is the parents' responsibility to attain healthy food for their child. Relative to my profession, I live in a job desert yet somehow I manage to make a living. We're not talking about crossing the Atlantic; come on people!

Type 2 DM is in double digit prevalence for Juveniles. This is ridiculous and the buck has to stop somewhere.